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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2006|10:11 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Place To Be-Nick Drake-Pink Moon]

oh LONG WEEKEND how I love thee! Let me count the ways...

1) Sleeping in for the first time in weeks and weeks... and that means til 11.00! :)

2) Spending time with friends who were probably beginning to think I had dropped of the face of the earth... including Suki and baby Billy who is SO much bigger than last time I saw him!

3) Visiting the new beautiful patchwork fabric shop in Bentleigh - it's called Amitie, and seems to have been set up by some ladies who used to work at my other favourite quilting shop Patchwork on Central Park... anyway... it's all a little odd... and the split seems a little less than amicable because now the 2 shops are in direct competition... but I'm happy because Amitie is so lovely and so dangerously close to home! And my quilt is back from the quilting lady and ready for binding... (it's taken about a year to get to this stage!).. so I actually had a true excuse to buy some beautiful fabric for binding it... look...

Actually, only the lemon striped fabric is for the binding... the others were just.. well.. gorgeous. :) I thoughtI was pretty restrained actually!

4) Going for coffee and bookshop browsing with Mum in Albert Park... gorgeous gorgeous :)

...and just generally beginning to feel sane and real again. Even though the end of this job is on the horizon and I'm beginning to feel a little anxious about that, I'm also beginning to feel kind of more like myself somehow. Maybe it's just been these 4 days of distance from the job that have helped put things back in perspective for me. Anyway, I feel like for the first time since starting this job I can actually look beyond it and start to plan for the afterwards... I'm dreading the post-job downtime... but I'm gonna take asmallfall's advice about jumping straight into something new without giving myself any time to mope or slow down! (that was such great advice Lucy!)

In other news... I just bought this gorgeous book from Amazon... been seeing it and drooling over it at lots of Melbourne bookstores but it was cheaper on the net... I think Suzy has it (did I read that on your blog?)... the photos are really gorgeous. Can't wait for it to arrive... :) Also took the opportunity to finally buy Jeffrey Yamaguchi's 52 Projects - man he's getting a lot of coverage in the crafty blogging word isn't he!? Well deserved though - I love Jennifer's podcast interview with him over at Craft Sanity... can't wait for this package!

That's all I think. Except I need to show a photo of the bias binding I made for my quilt! I'm so proud of my first attempt at homemade bias! I know it's a little un-exciting posting a photo of binding but MAN it took a lot of effort make 320inches of it! AND after I'd followed all the instructions perfectly I realised that the diagonal stripes are gonna go in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS at the joins! man. As if my crazy quilt wasn't garish enough already... anyway too late now... hope it'll look ok...

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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2006|11:59 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Stolen Car-Beth Orton-Central Reservation]

such a long day... recorded the show tonight - we record with a live audience every Thursday. It's exciting but frantic and always a looong day.

I am beginning to wonder what will happen when this is all over. Tonight was ep 6... I'm contracted until ep 8... buut we might go to 10 if it gets extended... which seems likely now. So I guess that means I've got at least a month... but... I feel like I'm seeing the light at the end of this thing... which makes me feel weird. What do I do when it's over? I feel like a different person since I started this job - My whole routine and schedule has gone out the window to make way for this job... and I love it - even though it's swallowing up my life! But... I feel like I don't know what to go back to when it's over. I want to move on to something new... instead of going back to the old me with all the career-questioning and wondering where I'm headed and retail crap every weekend...

I feel like I am ready to have a different life now... or something... but... what and how??? blah!

(still in a weird mood...)

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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2006|07:00 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Roads-Portishead-Dummy]

cute easter hanging display at Gelobar in Carlton North (went there after Thai food at Thaila Thai on Friday night... mmm)

Our daylight savings ended this weekend.. (they stretched out daylight savings for the Commonwealth Games! how weird is that?) ANYWAY the good thing was that TODAY WAS 25 HOURS LONG! :) woohoo! That's gotta make it the best day of the year! right? All day I was looking at the clock going ' wow, it's so early! I have so much time left to do all the things I need to do today!' Having said that, it's now 6.30pm and I still haven't done my Japanese homework...

BUT overall I had a quite productive weekend which included doing the following things...

- watching 'V For Vendetta'. SO GOOD! SO SO SO GOOD. go see it! (I think maybe it's been out everywhere else in the world for ages... but... go see it again!) The website is really good actually - interviews with the art dept etc... very interesting stuff...

- went for a run today and yesterday too! My new year's exercising resolution fell by the waysideback in.. ah.. february.. but this weekend I am back on the bandwagon. I was inspired by a guy at work who was telling me last week he runs around 25 km a week. AAgh!! I'm 13 years younger and I get puffed walking up a long flight of stairs! So this weekend I made an effort to get back into the fitness thing... hope it lasts..

- went to an art exhibition by Australian artist Rosslynd Piggott (hope I spelled that right)... I usually like her work but I wasn't so into her new stuff. She has previously done a lot of textile work, embroidery etc... but this was all paintings... and a very limited colour palette.... not so exciting...

- went to my favourite art shop in Fitzroy - Neil Wallace Printmaking supplies - to get some stuff to do a bit more screenprinting. BUT they were out fo stock of what I needed :( I don't know how much printing I would have got done anyway... and it's always fun to tinker in there... so now I have an excuse to go back! :)

- went to a picnic for my friend Gavin who has just come back from working a super low-budget feature flijm in Tokyo! IT was great to see him and he brought me a little book about a funky Japanese art director/stylist person called Nagi Noda who I have also read about on Suzy's blog...

and of course all the usual weekend stuff - laundry, vacuuming, etc... blah blah. ok better go do that Jap homework... xx
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2006|08:38 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Flame Trees-Sarah Blasko]

yo. still got the weird mood thing happening. What to do what to do.

meanwhile... I loved reading this post (via I like) The language is cool cos it's so casual... and also I love the photos... it inspires me... and makes me think a bit about my work right now... all consuming but so exciting... and all day I deal with people who have 'real' jobs - like furniture hire places, and retails shops, and I think.... this job is SO fun compared to those jobs. But then when this contract's over I know I'll fall in a heap and question my whole life choices all over again... blah...

see??? weird mood!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2006|11:17 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Flame Trees-Sarah Blasko]

I am in a weird transitional life stage or something. I don't know... my mood is really weird right now. And I'm so busy. And my appetite is jumping around. It's freaking me out. But this job is making me really happy in a weird, frantic, stressed out, sucking up my time and turning my life upside down sort-of-way. Weird weird.


When I meet new people I just wanna know what they're about. Pretty much straight away. It's hard to do this without asking LOTS of questions very early on! I often get laughed at for bombarding people with questions when I first meet them. What can I say? I guess you could call it nosy... I'd prefer to say 'genuinely interested' in getting to know people in a very 'complete' sense. or something.

I read a quote the other day where Scarlett Johansson described herself in three words... it went something like 'I'm all about fashion, bright red lipstick and cheeseburgers'. Or something. It is a weird thing to say BUT the point is I liked how she said 'I'm all about......'. That would make meeting people so easy wouldn't it? If everyone just said 'Hi I'm..., I'm all about...' when they introduced themselves?

So here's me -

Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm all about being creative, sleeping, learning, and trying to figure out how to be a grown up.

what about you? You can say more things than this... the more the better! (cos then I dn't have to ask so many questions!)
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2006|08:47 pm]
nice and lucy
[music |Captured-Bic Runga-Birds]

hello hello :)

( Melbourne Central.. newish funky architecture that I like... this is in the centre of town... I like that it looks like a big cardboard box opening up to the heavens :)

well it's been a long weekend here... which was very good timing because I'm just getting used to the crazy long hours of working in TV full time and it's nice to ease in to it with long weekend after my first full week! :) I wish I could show pics of the sets but I think maybe I'm not allowed to share them yet... soon soon.

ANYWAY it has been a strange weekend... I've been a bit down for a few reasons... but I won't dwell on it here. Good stuff has been:

- FINALLY getting my hair done... that was long overdue and SO damn expensive.. but I'm happy with it :)
- doing what felt like a year's worth of washing, tidying my room and vacuuming under my bed! (another long overdue task that fills me with a strange sense of satisfaction now that it's done!)
- mending and altering some clothes that have been in a big pile near my desk probably for around 6 months! There's still more to do.. but I feel good about at least getting a chunk done. They've been in there so long it feels like I have new clothes now that I can wear them again. Bonus!
- Listening to 2 new CD's... both very good but quite melancholic (not helping my mood! But I love them anyway). One is Cat Power's 'The Greatest' and the other is Bic Runga's 'Birds'. The Bic Runga one is SO good! (I'm not sure how well known she is outside of Aus and NZ, but if you've never seen this girl, in addition to being a wonderful singer she is seriously the most freakishly beautiful thing... half Chinese half Maori... I think... truly stunning) ANYWAY I haven't read a bad review of 'Birds' and now that I'm listening to it I see why... I really love it.
- Going to the Kozyndan exhibition at Outre Gallery (the link's in my last post). WISH I had some money because so many of their pieces tempted me... OH MY GOSH JUST REALISED KOZYNDAN HAVE AN LJ!!! (look - kozyndan) And they're in Melbourne at the minute!!!... :) this is super exciting! (If you're in the US or the UK you don't know how fun it is to have overseas artists etc come all the way out here to see us Aussies!!!) Anyway... go to their LJ and check out their work and the exhibition... me love it.

OK nuff blabbing... MUST DO SOME JAP HOMEWORK!

Now go and listen to some Bic Runga please :)
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To Do List for when I have 5 whole minutes to myself!! [Mar. 8th, 2006|11:06 pm]
nice and lucy
- do Japanese class catch up BIGTIME!
- read 'whip up' - the last 20 or so entries!... plus all my favourite blogs that I've been neglecting...
- listen to the poascasts I've been downloading and not getting around to hearing...
- banking - payments, credit card... sort out invoices etc
- read my library book - birthday stories - edited and forward by Haruki Murakami
- go to see Loobylu's stuff at Hudson
- go to the Kozyndan exhibition at Outre Gallery
- clean and vacuum room
- put away props from last week
- umm... sleep in?

and of course..

-post an entry with a pretty PHOTO once in a while! :) xx (sorry!)

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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2006|09:14 pm]
nice and lucy
hey lovely peoples... I have been feeling bad about neglecting this thing again... but at least I have a good excuse currently because in ALL HONESTY i have NEVER been this busy in all my life!


I am working on this new TV comedy show... Only worked a total of 4 days so far but it's already completely taken over my life - I'm trying to get my head around everything all at once and cope with shooting one episode a week for 8 weeks... That's a lot of props and a very quick turnaround time!

Anyway super busy but super nice people and such good experience. The producers are a company called 'Working Dog' - quite well-known and well-respected here in Aus. Today I met a few of the producers who are kinda famous here in Melbourne so that was a bit exciting for little ole' me :) hee hee.

So that's the GOOD news. the bad news is that I have no photos and no interesting things to tell at all that are not related to work. :( OH but I did order some books from Amazon Japan and it shipped straightaway so in a few days I'll have fun pics of the crafty gorgeousness :) yay!

ok lovely ladies keep smiling :) xx
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2006|10:05 pm]
nice and lucy


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(no subject) [Feb. 22nd, 2006|09:48 pm]
nice and lucy
A close up forlkinokol

I am busy working... it never rains but it pours... I've had only ONE freelance job since the start of this year... now I'm finally sinking my teeth into a good 4 day shoot (plus pre-production days) for an SPC commercial... and guess WHAT?


it only goes for 8 weeks... it's gonna be super hectic and busy and probably awful for my love life BUT my name will be in the credits for the first time ever. But they want me to start next week but I had to say I can't!!! :( that was awkward. But they seem kind of ok about negotiating the start date... so... it looks like I'll be employed from March 6th!

Thankyou to the powers of networking... it really works. Even though it's so painful at the time. Man I wish I could think of a more pleasant term for 'networking'... it sounds so sinister... any ideas? maybe something like 'professional friend-making'. That's sure to catch on. ha ha.

Thanks all you lovely LJ buddies for encouraging me in the scary world of freelance... maybe this will be the start of good things... x
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2006|03:03 pm]
nice and lucy
I hope this works.... my first photo in quite a while...

yay!!! I'm not normally a brown person when it comes to fabric but how cute is the ironing one?? seriously!

It's patchwork fabric... from a very policitally-incorrect series of fabrics which all seem to follow a household chores theme... other motifs included women washing dishes (with cute little plates everywhere), vacuuming (i was very tempted by this one), drinking tea... (I chose the plain teacups instead) ahh.. you know all those things we women with nothing better to do get up to :) ha ha!

Cute though, huh?

I'm sorry it took so long to get back to posting photos!

Also, to balance the somewhat sexist nature of that super-cute 'women's work' fabric photo... check out this cool New Zealand online mag/community NZGIRL... It's got lots of cool info for young, independant women.. with a kind of 'girl power' feeling (in a cool way, not in a spice girls way). Lots of info about young inspiring women and entrepreuners... and they've got a 'worst boyfriend' section which is particularly funny :) They also have a history of pulling outrageous stunts, like the time they flew a plane at the Big Day Out in NZ proclaiming: “Scott Kelly has a small dick” (he had the dubious privilige of being named their annual 'worst boyfriend' last year, having been nominated by six separate people apparently...) But this recent stunt was pretty sneaky...

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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2006|10:45 pm]
nice and lucy
ps) how could I forget I also found a KNITTING MACHINE on the way to Wilson's Prom in an op shop! Only I could manage to go away camping and come back home with a knitting machine...

I don't even know how to work it... it's kinda scary looking... any ideas???
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2006|10:41 pm]
nice and lucy
hey there... been a while again I know... sorry :( the thing is that I feel this blog is so very neglected... that it's hard to pick it all up again and get the momentum back.... and all my photos are gone because I changed ISPs.... and now if I wanna replace them all I have to go back and individually upload them all again to a new space... and I don't even know if my new ISP has given me a new space... and if they have I don't know where it is... blah blah whinge whinge. SO you guessed it... I'm breaking my promise and will have to keep posting without photos for a little while. Oh how depressing :(

ANYWAY I hope you can forgive me (again)... I am working on it.

meantime this week has been kinda busy and good actually GREAT :) here are the reasons why -

- i had my first Japanese lesson finally! i LOVE it so much! it's hard but so fun... I forgot how fun it is to sit in class and learn and take notes and use my brain. :) watashi wa Lucy Des... watashi wa osutaria jin des.. watashi wa seito des... hee hee! Must study lots for next week. hai.

- got VERY spoilt for Valentines day... I make such a fuss of this holiday which most people seem to think is completely pointless... but I say HEY if it gets the odd husband/boyfriend to buy their lady a bunch of flowers once a year that's gotta be a good thing huh? I mean... I know it would be better if boys just thought of these things and did them spontaneously on any given day but they just don't. So what's wrong with a little encouragement?? anyway I digress... James surprised me completely by hiring a video projector and screen and romantic movie (Jean Pierre Jeunet's 'A Very Long Engagement') and made a cinema in my front room! So we snuggled under the doona and watched it together! how cool is THAT? I was very impressed... x

- have been quite good at 'networking'. MAN i hate that word. I need to come up with a nicer-sounding alternative. BUT anyway I sent out a lot of CV's last week... and this week met 2 new people and spoke to a few others on the phone to set up some meetings. Man I hate it though.

AND also I forgot to mention that I spent last weekend camping at such a beautiful place... Wilson's Prom is only 3 hours away but I didn't even know it was so utterly beautiful. I will post photos when I get that stuff sorted but meantime look here. It is so stunning... and being a national park is one of the only places in Australia where the beautiful beach is not spoilt by development. I am not at all a camping person but it was so fun... went in a large group (12 people!), ate a LOT of gorgeous food, walked to beautiful beaches and enjoyed the summer for maybe the last time... autumn's just around the corner...

aahh maybe that's all the news I have.. but might as well end with this because you know.. everyone's doing it...

4 jobs I've had
- props buyer /set dresser/ art dept assistant in the film industry
- sales assistant at giant craft/sewing store
- waitress
- volunteer homework tutor

4 movies I can watch over and over
- Amelie (sorry to be so predictable! Does anyone not have this on their list?)
- High Fidelity
- School of Rock
- My Neighbour Totoro

4 places I've lived
- London, UK
- Melbourne, Australia
that's all...

4 TV shows
- Newlyweds (do not mention the impending divorce please... I am devastated!)
- Little Britain
- The Ugly Stick (I have to say this because it's the show my boy is making for a community TV station here called channel 31)

4 places I've visited (in order of how much I wanna go back)
- Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan (can't decide which I like best)
- Koh Pang Nan island, Thailand
- Barcelona, Spain

4 of my favourite dishes
- Chilli and Thai Basil veg and tofy stiryfry with Pad Thai from Thaila Thai in Brunwick East, Melbourne
- Chicken curry, roti and belachan spinach from Ah Loys in Brighton, Melbourne
- anything from Khake de Hatti, Brunwick East, Melbourne
- Chickpea bake from The Morrocan Soup Kitchen, Nth Fitzroy, Melbourne

4 sites I visit daily
- Pinku
- Loobylu
- Whip up
- design sponge

4 places I would rather be
- working on a feature film in the US, UK, anywhere where films with decent budgets get made!
- in Kyoto on a bicycle, cycling up into the hills to visit temples... and eating green tea icecream from 7-11 on the way
- in Thailand on a quiet, hidden beach
- in bed with my honey

now.. I tag - Pinku Kat, The other Lucy (that's Canadian, polka-dot loving, stripey sock wearing Lucy), Kitty Kitty and HolsDolls Holly... (I would also have said Nebo Peklo Natalie, Floating world views Suzy and many more but you've already done it!) xx
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2006|10:52 pm]
nice and lucy
yo! I promise by the time I post again (hopefully tomorrow) i WILL have re-learnt how to post photos and I will spice up this sad page with some pictures...

In the meantime I have to say a massive THANKYOU to you guys... you've made me so happy by saying hello and welcoming me back! I can't believe I still have buddies on here after such a long time... :) it's wonderful... I feel very lucky :) You guys rock xxxx
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2006|10:16 pm]
nice and lucy
here is am. I don't know quite what to say because it has been so so so so so so so long and I have lost my confidence in writing about the mundane everydays things that blogs are about, and I have forgotten how to upload pictures. :( And I've left it so long that now it's like I don't know how to slide back into this... you know? And I wouldn't be surprised if there's no-one out there reading.. :( Which makes me a little sad but is completely understandable given my ridiculous absence!

ANYWAY I am thinking of making a 'proper' blog somewhere sometime soonish... something I can customise nicely and something that can be a little more of a display of crafty things and maybe a little less personal...but I don't know... it's just an idea in my head that isn't properly formed yet. And I don't know where to do it... everyone with pretty pages seems to be with typepad... so maybe I'll do that. Any advice?

anyway... here are some places I found only recently and have gotten me excited about blogging again :)

whip up - linked to by loobylu who contibutes there . I am so in love with this new crafty group blog and secretly wish I was cool enough to be a contributer :(

craftsanity- also linked to by loobylu because there's a podcast interview here with Jeffrey Yamaguchi, who I knew nothing about until yesterday but who is my new idol :) This is the first ever podcast I have downloaded and I may be hooked... I do so much driving and love the idea of aborbing some kind of information instead of listening to the same songs over and over again... you know...

wish jar journal - i KNOW everyone already knows about Keri Smith but somehow I never bookmarked her until now and I'm so glad I finally have... I especially love her scrapbook pages and handwriting excerpts etc etc... lovely looking site... very inspiring...

maybe that's all for now. will you forgive me for being gone so long? I feel so out of the loop... x
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2005|09:47 pm]
nice and lucy
ooohh tomorrow is the day all my photos will go bye bye :(

And I MAY not be able to replace them all right away so do not be alarmed if this page has question marks all over it for a few days... :( ok?

THanks for your patience nice peoples... x I am a busy girl rigt now doing some film jobs and the retail crapola inbetween.... gotta keep chipping away... x
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2005|11:11 pm]
nice and lucy
hi there :)

I am changing internet provider tomorrow and I think maybe early next week all my photos on here will get confused about where they are supposed to be and become those little blue question marks... and I will have to go through and change every single photo I have ever uploaded on here and tell it what it's new address is! aaahh!

ALSO I think I maybe have finally reached the limit on my free webpage thig which came with my ISP account... anyone know where to get more space for free/cheap to upload my photos onto?? Let me know... I am so bad at this stuff...

aahh so no photos today for both those reasons :( Sorry.

Good news:

- tonight was the special 'Christmas Craft' night at Spotlight (the craft/sewing store where I work) and I had the dubious privelige of demonstrating glass painting techniques!! ha ha! It was fun to demonstrate craft for 4 hours and get paid... but glass painting is pretty boring! It was hard to make it look appealing and funky! I couldn't bring myself to take photos... too daggy.... (you know... painted lolly jars, painted glasses, painted candle holder etc etc)...

- I FORCED myself to make 'networking' phonecalls this week... (it's the WORST partof my job by far) and got myself a job straight away out of one of them! It's kinda a nightmarish disorganised shoot for this saturday.. but, hey.. work's work. :)

What's making you happy right now? xxx
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2005|12:08 am]
nice and lucy
ooh gosh. Too naughty. It's been...14 DAYS since I posted last! Aggh! I didn't realise it was THAT bad! :( Bad Lucy. I wonder if anyone still visits! :) Thankyou for your patience with me!

BUT the good news is this time I have things to say and to show :)

My birthday was so lovely. I spent the day with James... which is rare these days because he's a busy boy... so he took time off uni and we went to the city for Japanese lunch and strolling and shopping :) It was really lovely. I also got spoilt with wonderful presents...

from Mum - a set of 36 copic markers that I have been wanting (thanks to goraina for the recommendation!). I bought from this great ebay shop where they were nearly half the cost of buying them here and they arrived very quickly...

from James - some gorgeous Japanese craft books I have been coveting forever... pictures later - but it included this one... AND a subscription to my favourite (and Holly's!) Aussie interiors magazine 'Inside Out'... AND.. um... a hair straightener which I didn't want/need... :( uh oh. I kind of feel really bad because James couldn't return it and now we have a $170 voucher to petra hair care! Aggh! What on earth are we gonna do with that?

from My brother - this interiors book I have been wanting forever too... (it's much better inside than it looks on the cover...)

and bought with my birthday money from my gran and grandad THIS BEAUTIFUL book! check out this picture.... -

(actually I just scanned another gorgeous picture but when I tried to upload it it said I couldn't because it would exceed my server limit or something... uummmm... hope James can come to my rescue so I can share more wrapping paper goodness soon! There are so many good pictures in this book that I think I will need to stagger the entries and upload a new wrapping paper every week :)

YES so all in all it was a lovely day and I was spoilt rotten. :)

AND THEN we went to Daylesford for the weekend... which was also lovely... so relaxing and again more time with James all to myself which is a rare and wonderful thing :) We stayed in a cute little unit (with a spa in the bathroom!) and relaxed and had spas and slept a lot and walked around and went to the Sunday trash and treasure market and ate food and breathed fresh air.... mmmm must do more of that kind of thing.

Anyway... more to say but I'm getting tired.... thanks for reading :)

ps) am I the last person to find out about this Flickr pool? I am loving it! Lots of Japanese craft book action... I'm only up to page 35... I get very compulsive sifting through gorgeous lists like this... don't wanna miss a single thing... ! x
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:02 pm]
nice and lucy
oooh gosh I just can't get any motivation to post entries here at the moment... I'm still reading everyone else's blogs but I have been so busy with work and doing nothing interesting enough to report about...

But there is much to look forward to -

- Tomorrow is the first full day off I have had for a while... looking forward to being efficient, getting some things done, working out my finances (paperwork is out of control) and goin out for dinner...

- Wednesday is my birthday... 25 feels old! It's the first birthday I am kind of dreading... BUT to remain positive I will focus on the fact that my car insurance excess goes down from $400 to $200 :) every cloud has a silver lining!

- Going away for the weekend with James to Daylesford! Yay! We've both been really busy and stressed recently and his Mum gave us some money for a weekend away and we finally organised it. I'm just excited to have a weekend off work... we're staying at a bed and breakfast and have also booked a massage/facial package at this amazing sounding place - Shizuka Ryokan. (Not quite the same as going to Kyoto but I'm not gonna complain!)

So hopefully there will be things to post about soon... xx
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2005|10:03 pm]
nice and lucy
Have been receiving so many good things in the post recently... it all started with the famously wonderful package from the lovely miss Small... only to be followed by a little birthday package from my friend in Thailand -

(haven't opened her gift yet... but these gorgeous little clips came in the envelope... which I think are actually from Japan - cute huh?)...

...then today I got my book from Amazon UK (I received a very early birthday present from Amazon and didn't like it... so I decided to spend $30 sending it back in order to get a credit note and choose something I actually wanted. (Given that I had to pay so much to post back my original book, and then pay their astronomical postage costs again for the replacement book... I am still wondering if I should have bothered at all... but anyway....)

AND the other day also this beautiful journal/notebook I ordered from if'n books came all the way from America :) yayyy! It is SO beautiful... This photo doesn't do it justice... the cover is hand-screened and is one of only 500 :) And it's hand bound. GO VISIT THIS SHOP! Very reasonably priced handmade gorgeous thing. Go and BUY them! Very good for gifts too! I bought one of these for a friend and one for me...

And... it's my b'day next Wednesday... so.. you never know... might be more in the post box for me next week :) xx

ps) I discovered if'n books through someone's blog recently and I can't remember who! If it is you... or if you know where I might have seen a link to their site recently... please let me know! I have completely forgotten where I saw the link to their page and would like to say thankyou and link my sources! :) thanks lovely people xx
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